Are you looking for a mountain adventure in the Alps?

‘Energetic, enthusiastic, a little bit crazy, a leader, empathetic, and a go-getter’ according to the people around her, those are the words that characterize Nicky, the founder of She feels alive in the mountains.

A video says more than a 1000 words right?
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I teach you how to move safe trough the mountains. But I also teach you how you can create your own tours so you’re not depend on komoot or other apps anymore. 

The essence of yoga is central to her: moving on your breathing to have your mind become calmer and less influenced by external factors in return. By seeking out more of the connection with the body, subtleties can be discovered in movement and that is precisely what makes yoga a wonderful tool to live in the here and now, and most of all to enjoy it!

I want to teach you to capture the beauty of the mountains from your perspective. So not the Instagram perspective but how you see it. If you want to see more of my work, look on my Instagram @she.feels.alive.inthemountains or @nickybrouwerphotography

So everybody is welcome! 🙂 


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A bit more about me!

I’m crazy about the mountains. It’s the place where I feel most alive so last summer I decided to give up my old live in the Netherlands and go guiding outdoor trips in different countries. 

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