Aloha! My name is Nicky and I’m a yoga teacher and a mountain hiking guide. The outdoors are my true passion and I love to share that passion with the world! In this little video I made I want to show you why I love yoga & hiking so much! Enjoy!

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About She feels alive in the mountains


‘Energetic, enthusiastic, a little bit crazy, a leader, empathetic, and a go-getter’ according to the people around her, those are the words that characterize Nicky, the founder of She feels alive in the mountains.

Nicky has enjoyed working as a gym teacher at primary, secondary and high school for years. During holidays, she was drawn to the mountains, so she decided to exchange the gym for the mountains. She says it herself: ‘In the mountains I feel most ‘alive’. In 2021 she took a radical decision, changing course and started guiding in the Balkan mountains, the Italian Dolomites and Morocco. She then left Nepal for 3 months to discover mountaineering under extreme conditions. After gaining this experience, she decided to do the education to become an Austrian mountain hiking guide.

In addition, Nicky first followed a yoga training course in the Netherlands and then in India. Her approach to yoga is that it doesn’t have to be floaty. The essence of yoga is central to her: moving on your breathing to have your mind become calmer and less influenced by external factors in return. By seeking out more of the connection with the body, subtleties can be discovered in movement and that is precisely what makes yoga a wonderful tool to live in the here and now, and most of all to enjoy it!

Inspiring, guiding, and coaching is really in her blood. By what means can it be ensured that the participants receive more than just a ‘holiday’? How can certain skills be learned that will make people feel comfortable while hiking in the mountains? And have them take these experiences with them further in their lives? These are questions and topics that can be discussed.

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